Blaring Smoke Detector

Collaboratively Written By: Tracy Shults-Wright, Amirandis, Lee Todd Lacks, David Guy Ramirez & Prunella Nadler
The smoke detector blared
And we couldn’t figure why that was...
Some commenced in gettin’ scared.
Scared by far the worst was Donnabella Fontaine-
Her heart just couldn’t take the strain.
She shot out of her seat in great dramatic flair,
Then collapsed in a heap,
Knocking over her chair.
She lay there, others stared, alarm blared; surrealism won this day
“Could someone be so kind? I don’t believe that any’s blind that is at this moment here seated!”
She held her arms upward, askew,
Hoping we would take her cue.
We watched her wave her arms
but we couldn't hear the alarms
that went off inside her head
just then old Creighton coughed sending most pastries aloft
As on the floor, 
Donnabella’s arms wave and not one of us tried her to save from this fate she warned was worse than death and the alarm rang on...
Baiting each breath.
It's coming from the bathroom I'm scared...
and it seems that none shall then be spared.
only the brave entered who dared
For only the brave entered who dared...
But not one of us was brave enough!
A hero here was needed and his identity was bared!
But his guilty conscience needed to be repaired...
“Oh help me! Help me please!” Plead the helpless Donnabella, “ I’m surrounded by incompetence and you’re such a strong and brave fella!”
“Besides... hear the smoke alarm? It’s been giving me a migraine immense and none of my friends here possess any sense!”
“Damn to hell your bad conscience! There’s work here to do and if you do it post-haste, there’s much reward I have waiting for you!”
I washed my hands and hurriedly exited, everyone looked and stared...
The way he liked his toast
Or maybe the odd waffle
Chicken burger, not in that!
And so on with the
Grease and fat
But please
Stop and spare me
The smoke detector blare
Everyone just looked and stared...
and poor Donnabella would not be spared... you see, the smoke alarm is still ringing and the troubles she had then , she has now but you could say they’ve squared!
in a turn of events she was appalled what the media aired. The damages is all but impossible to be repaired
Donnabella was simply not prepared to have her blushing bottom bared
Because Lee Todd was quite awared- arriving just in time proving a hero prepared!
With my trusty paddle, her naked rear I began to beat, but I never thought the smoke alarm would be set off by the heat
and it kept screaming louder. You’ve never been prouder. Such a cacophanous chowder, I took me a powder...
too much information that's enough shared.
Was it the alarm that screamed, or Donnabella? Pay attention y'all 'cause I'm gonna tell ya!
oh what the hell! The anticipation does swell . Alarms ring, still no smell
Have done good man... tell!
Well, I told her what would happen if she chose to misbehave. And she expressed her choice quite clearly with the answer that she gave. So I took her to the ladies room despite of her fervent pleas and I lifted up her dress and pulled her pants down to her knees.
 It’s certain you were aware you were not alone because we all heard ol’ Creighton cough. But any doubts long fled as he asked... “ Why didn’t ya jus’ yank them buggas clean off?”

Ah my daughter
Her beauty routine
Two hour showers
Made me scream
And the smoke detector blared
She was unaware

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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