He Hated Music

Collaboratively Written By: Tracy Shults-Wright, CJ Foster, Ben Vest, Gilbert Beekerbottom & Prunella Nadler
During his early life,
Derek hated music
And who the hell could blame him?
His family dysfunction just went there,
All who witnessed said it’s “Too sick!”
Mama, she loved her maracas and fiendishly shook them all day.
Then a girl shared her ear bud
And opened his world
To words and tunes that set him free
And his appreciation unfurled
Comparison to his youth’s nerve-wracking cacophony,
His world now unfamiliar, moved to the strains of a symphony.
Unable to step to rhythmic harmony,
he fists pumps to black metal of sacrilege and blasphemy!
And walks like a man who’s possessed by a waltz...
When he walks down the street all activity-It halts.
Pausing playlists comes to a stalls, signaling taxis as he calls.
pausing, he scratches his head with look of befuddlement.
Then with furious fist-pumping he dances out from his muddlement.
As he lunges along past the throng at his leisure,
some minions presume that he's having a seizure
Seizure or not
His dancing was hot
Afterwards he collapsed
Till given a shot
but all the doctors who saw him couldn’t reach a consensus except to the fact he had talent...

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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