Lay Down Beside Me

Collaboratively written by: Ben Vest, CJ Foster, Armistead Lindsey, Lee Todd Lacks, Tracy Shults-Wright & Amirandis
Lay down beside me,
Where explorations demand the hands to see,
A safe place for your demons to run free
In our sweaty hell, devils we’ll be,
Frolicking around the pyres in revelry
Losing time within the pleasures of debauchery
Relishing in the torments of mutual treachery
Desperate to break the bonds of propriety
And we each can truly realize the heights of carnal mastery
So, taste love, of the feast as we summon forth the beast
We’re to visit now the deepest of your dreaming-And brush Breathlessly against the dragon raging in your desires.
Making gleefully ecstatic screaming, all the while,
Unmasking your secret admirers.
I ask of thee dearest, would you invite them our dance as distraction to attend?
Only if they satiate our unspeakable desires, in which case they Would simply be a wicked means to an end.
As such, they’ll serve as no distraction, then.
Relate to me of truth, in what manner is their participation to be facilitated?
They're just a bunch of naughty girls and none of them can deny it. Presenting for correction and hoping we might apply it.
So they in turn can spin the web we long to be trapped in

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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