Baron Blair Ben Vest Chain Poem CJ Foster Martin Forster Prunella Nadler Rebel Jones Sarah Thompson Tracy Shults-Wright

Head or Heart?

Collaboratively Written By: Prunella Nadler, Ben Vest, Sarah Thompson, Baron Blair, CJ Foster, Rebel Jones, Tracy Shults-Wright & Martin Forster
He felt with his head,
and thought with his heart
But what was in his head?
While her thighs were apart
Where was his resolve?
Would this riddle be solved?
He was consumed with dread,
but not from the start.
At the start it's your head
That gets you out of bed
But using another head
Perhaps stay home instead
For a slice of bred,
the sheets chance red.
His head started swelling as her fealty grew thin
so she stuck her bottom out and sighed, "Why don't you come on in?"
She left him brain dead
When she tore his thoughts apart
Cream filled like a strawberry jelly tart.
Oh the lollypop path
To mighty men's hearts
They all melt in your mouth
Once engagement with the head starts
Ooh the lollipop gang,
Short and sweet,
An assortment flavor thang,
A succulent treat.
A guild all their own
Their welcoming warbles dandy
With statures built for pleasure
No kneeling required - handy!
For they’re quite little,
Perhaps a handful,
My fruity skittles,
Take them by the mouthful.
Feast away on your tasty morsels
My hunger is otherwise triggered
Hitching a ride on a flying monkey
I'm off the see the wizard
My girlfriend wasn't too smart
Lost her job the simple tart
For throwing out the all w's
Sorting M&M's from P's and Q's
Silly girl
Not very witty
But not all is lost
She sounds really pretty
Stupidity is her torment,
Looking back in hindsight,
Should of provided a helmet,
Then suffer the headboard’s might.
Window licking face sticking to the back door glass of the special needs bus was a must to get to school every morning after waving her hands through the sun dust...
The boys would say, "You better stop, or we're gonna tell your momma!" because the thought of getting whooped again was a constant source of trauma
But see none of them really understood karma and 12 years later she became a gorgeous super model, got these silly boys drooling now and acting mad retarded...
and all he was feelin’ about her in the depths of his head,
Was causin’ his heart to start to burn.
He had to wonder why he let himself get started and why it was that his ass never could learn.
he done got the drip already and his mama put a whooping to his ass, and now his Johnson isn't the only thing that got a learning turn, the skin on his backside surely was also to burn...
though his heart was dead.
as she watched his mama whoop his ass, she seemed visibly delighted, until his mama turned to her and asked, 
"Girl, you gettin' excited? 
Revelin' in someone's sufferin' is anythin' but kind, so when I'm done with doofus here, I'm gonna whoop your bare behind!"

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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