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The Walrus and Me

By Sarah Bowden

A walrus, she spoke to me, one day, 
She did not let her moustache, or tusks get in her way, 
The wisdom that she shared with me Was spoken with such clarity. 
So to this day, her words I hear, 
Each time a bathroom mirror's near. 
She said: 
"This skin of mine and yours 
Is quite naturally full of flaws 
It shows that we have lived and learnt 
Reflecting life - its twists and turns. 
There is a reason our bellies are fat 
They've evolved to protect us from such cruelty that 
Might enter our souls and fester there And stop us treating ourselves with care. 
(They're also plump pillows, so warm 
For sleepy heads that stretch and yawn 
And loving hands to stroke at night 
More of you to love? Yes, that's right!). 
You're learning fast, my dear, she said, 
There's nothing of you that must be shed, 
Look in the mirror, head held high 
Enjoy the wobble of tummy and thigh!"

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