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By Lee Todd Lacks

Molly lives right down the street,
The nicest girl you'll ever meet.
Yet, Molly has a strange obsession,
that keeps her going to confession
on Friday nights, at half past three,
she waits till Pastor Bill is free.
He always seems a bit uncertain
as Molly slips behind his curtain.
Molly's tongue gets tied in knots
as she tries to quell her impure thoughts
naming each obscure transgression
she always gives a false confession
confiding in the handsome priest
who lifts her spirits, to say the least
Pastor Bill can't help but grin
as Molly overstates her sin
knowing she has done nothing wrong,
yet all too happy to play along
Her Penance brings them both delight
"Please don't spare the rod, tonight?"
Molly fails to feign distress
as she swiftly lifts her frilly dress
when punishment is freely sought,
Molly likes her Penance hot.
The pastor tries to sound severe
as Molly presents her naked rear
so he can make her bottom glow
and light her fires down below.
The Sisters of Saint Mary Clemence
cringe as Molly pays her penance
They cannot keep themselves from guessing
"What on Earth is she confessing?!
She comes here each and every week.
Just listen to that poor girl shriek!
When Pastor Bill is late for Mass,
he takes it out on Molly's ass!"
An hour later, she steps outside
and rubs her wounded rear with pride
as she wipes away a wayward tear,
you can see her grin from ear to ear!

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.


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