Hopelessly Waiting

Hopelessly Waiting

By April McCoy

I dreamed of you and I, 
 We were walking hand in hand,
 With the sun setting across the sky,
 Shining off the water so blue
 The sand warm beneath our feet,
 The gleam in your eye only for me,
 A gentle breeze blows across the beach,
 Blowing wispy curls across my face,
 As my eyes adore the vision before me,
 Your hand brushes my curls into place,
 Surrounded by our loved ones,
 We join our lives together with our vows,
 A kiss before the setting sun,
 You looked at me and smiled,
 Your eyes so full of passion,
 The love we share runs wild,
 But as the sun rose the next morning,
 You disappeared and left me alone,
 I woke up crying in a fitful panic, 
 Wondering if you’ll ever take me home…

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