Accolade Winner Showcase February Accolade Winners Jesse Batista


By Jesse Batista

High above and far away from the incessant racket. My senses dulled. All that clamoring for no real purpose. Lies intent on separation but, again, the sheep do not question. Follow and abide; conform and collide. I will find my peace in darkness of the night. Tranquility in the absence of light; the stars shown so bright. Mountain air and a cool breeze make way to quietude. No more humanistic attitude. Here I will stay with my mind fixed upon simple beauty; upon this dreamscape. This is life. Let the fires flare. Let society implode from the hysteria brought about by those who cannot set aside differences. Let the hate fester and disseminate. When annihilation of the hate mongers’ is done, as they destroy each other, perhaps we can have a society who love unconditionally. When the inferno is extinguished and the embers turn to ashes, maybe the world will be renewed. Maybe then, we can just live.

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