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Intensity As Of Passion

By Marivic Nemi

To the scene of prosaically. 
 Being fancy to endorse glee at heart. 
 Melancholia slowly faded. 
 Bring affair to the cognizance.

Chosen and selected as alignment of gist.
 Illustrating  reverence to all earthian.
 Essence of isolation , 
 Decorated power of quills. 

For an extra mile,  and extract of hope. 
 Decorated  paradise of placidity..
 Found out the freeness.
 Started to create oneself.

Jot down what is inside..
 Proudly to say no skeptic..
 Window of soul so openwide.. 
 The chest so blithesome.

What a auspicious life.
 Intensity as of passion.. 
 Declare the independence..
 From agony,  insecurities,  discrimination.

Depender from exploiters,  
 Adjuster from dabby circumstances..
 Purposer to establish realness.. 
 Voice of stabilities…

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