Accolade Winner Showcase April McCoy February Accolade Winners


By April McCoy

Hands wrapped around so tight, 
 She can’t see the light.
 She begged and pleaded,
 No one to help her when she needed.
 She hears the devil’s laughter,
 As she struggles for air.
 She listens to the urging of her mother,
 As she struggles to hide under the covers.
 The hands of men, oh how they mistreat,
 A child so young they have cheated.
 Hands groping, fingers nudge…laughter ensues as she fights and 
 She knows the hell that awaits…
 Why can’t she just be at heavens gates?
 When all is said and done…she cries alone, beaten, and bleeding.
 Her mother laughs at her plight, 
 As she takes her turn for the night.
She has her fun, until she cums…..
All that’s left is a box of moon pies,
 That’s all it cost to see the pain in her daughter’s eyes.
 Such satisfaction she gained tormenting…her daughter that she     
 Her daughter wishes for her death…
 Everyday with every single breath.
 The guilt and shame she buries deep,
 As she lays there and weeps.
 All she wanted was the love of her mother, 
 All she received was abuse from her and others. 
It’s so hard to breathe in the still of the night….her nightmares 
 revisit every night.
 The feel of breathing and hands all around,
 She fights to make a sound.
 She cries alone in the night,
 On the verge of giving up the fight.

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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