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What Is Love

By Chigozie Emmanuel Okonkwo

'I Love you; the familiar saying goes.
Yet very few know what it means to love,
'Cause love is not only to be pronounced
   Calf-Love that leads nowhere,
           This could just be.

It takes an honest feeling to love:
     Love is not only to be seen
       It takes the inner sight-
  Not just 'window- dressing'-
       To really get the feeling
         In the amorous garden-
       Eat, wine, dance and sleep,
For mere lust that could lead to life-long regret,
           This could be also.

     It takes a real mind-searching to love.
Displaying of material wealth or natural beauty,
          Is no real sign of love.
           Means of defrauding
                 This may be.

             But, what is love?
   Many tags it has been given by many.
       Behold, true love is invincible;
         It transcends all barriers.
                    It doubts not,
                It bears all things,
And with it, the world a happy place can be.

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.


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