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Only Darkness Remains

By Jesse Batista

Pull the veil of death over my eyes. Cloak me and anoint me with the oil of atonement. For what crimes must I repent? Leave me to the vultures; in death as in life. A mere twinge to what I have come to know. Let them feed upon my flesh with their whispers. Let the faces of evil smile down upon my corpse with their counterfeit tears. A dismal life will end as lunacy prevails. Treachery is the way and the light while truth burns in the blue fires of Hell. This world knows not compassion or love, malevolence has taken hold. Poison courses through the veins and the most stoic of hearts have fallen prey. I have burned my hours of light and only the darkness remains. Weary and without resolve. Nothing remains but to throw me to the fiery chasm. Let me burn and release my soul.

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