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A Phase of Instinct

By Marivic Nemi

Unfamiliar !
 Dectate of mind. 
 Waving affection.. 
 In someone soul.

A phase of instinct.
 From the core of heart.
 Insinuatingly suffusions. 
 For intense desire.

Admiring astrological weather. 
 Sent me a vigour aspect. 
 Pointed certain prospect .
 Boost what is inside the chest. 

Involuntary movement of heart.
 Producing  and  reacting. 
 For better taste of life .
 Evoke the sphere of human activity.

Everyday extremely valuable.. 
 When you are manageable.. 
 Without brash and desperate.. 
 In your assertiveness..

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.


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