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From A Forgotten Heart

By Brandon Snyder

I'm writing to you one battered soul to another, often the way we see and judge ourselves is far different from others.

We cant just look at ourselves recognize what many others see, when you speak of it I feel all the pain in every word as if you were speaking of me.

We tune out other's nice words, we try to see but our minds wont let it. we are self destructive our own worst critic.

I can see the true pain hidden behind your pretty eyes. Locked away from the world not for them to see. Well I do for this is also the true me.
You are a very special soul one of a kind, me unlike other men I would be the one to hold you close but make love to your mind.
I am not writing you in hopes you fall for a broken man like me. I have that same inner sight so already know I would never have a chance with a woman that's so far out of my league.
It is hard for souls like ours to find a honest true match, often learning the most painful way, the ones we wish and think will be often seem the most hurtfully detached.
One day if I ever get the courage to give this letter to you. Please don't be upset with my future self he had to become much stronger now honest and true.
Like other men your outer beauty they see is a very beautiful sight I wish to lend my eyes so you already knew, Me unlike the others what I love is not what can be seen with eyes it is the real you. If you were to walk into a room I know I could feel this presence what I call the beautifully broken shine. I wish I had all the words to describe it but cant it is so rare only one of a kind. Makes me want to get lost in your heart, reading the scars like a map, I would steal nothing more than your time.

I don't expect you to have feelings for me after reading all of these lines. Since I'm stronger now I'm being honest with mine.

I have admired the real you right from the very start. Thankful our rough roads met each other. I give you a letter From A Forgotten Heart…

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One response to “From A Forgotten Heart”

  1. Absolutely beautiful


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