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The Mother Who Waits

By Danielle Strauser

Rip my heart
 Tear open the wound
 Worlds greatest blessing
 You tore it from my arms 
 Black abyss 
 The blood trickles down
 You hurt the wrong 
 Only the good die young 
 But what happens when your child 
 The serenity in hell
 The peace of the world 
 Is gone in a bink
 Close your eyes sweet
 A world apart
 Tear the walls
 Will you ever come home
 I'll leave a light on
 Till I hold you again
 Till I know your safe
 Years may pass
 Decades even
 But you'll always be mine
 The lonely walks this road
 Bind my lips
 Tear streaked face
 Any joy gone
 Till my dying breath 
 You'll be mine

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