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Our Mad Mad Selves

By Rebel Jones

As the madness 
 gives insight 
 to a vulnerable mind…

The voice of misdirection 
 gives me confirmation 
 that the madness is real…

…It is the voice of a lifetime…

The voice of deception 
 makes me blind.
 The sight of reality 
 leaves depression in truth…

The eyes of an open mind 
 cause thoughts to distort 
 what it is 
 that we have 
 always seen 
 or ever knew…

When the worms traverse 
 through our optical sockets, 
 and our bones crumble to dust…

Where goes our legacies 
 Once our flesh 
 turns to Earth
 Where goes our passions, 
 Where goes our lusts?
In my mind, I'm drowning
 To an illusion that's 
 better than fiction
 My sanity is something 
 always in question…
As our senses 
 are corrupted 
 and a fog 
 blankets our perceptions
 By the hellish light 
 of the past..
…The lies of our history 
 seems will forever last…
But for now, 
 we must hold on to 
 what little we have 
 in each other 
 before the 
 patterns of history 
 return back…
How as a species 
 could we throw histories 
 repeating toxicities 
 off the repeating track?

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original autor. All rights reserved.


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