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By Rebel Jones

Scarlet colored skies 
 before the bleeding moon 
 can rise…

The celestials and their 
 shimmering stars,
 Hidden by 
 dark thickened clouds…

Like so many lives 
 covered up by greed 
 deciept and lies…

The purest and most honest kind 
 have no worldly ties, 
 Next to their beating hearts 
 Streams of bleeding veins 
 No acts of sin shall ever 
 cross their minds…

For their presence lies 
 Upon the mountain tops 
 Where they meditate while 
 haunted by Earths 
 pain ridden cries…
These souls that lay 
 awake in silence,
 Beg nor ask for 
 nothing more than 
 tranquil silence 
 from a tortured world.
For these men of 
 speechless wisdom 
 see beyond 
 what's seen by 
 mere human eyes.

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original autor. All rights reserved.


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