Lost Poet

Lost Poet

By Richard Homer

Lost poet, who are you?
 writing poems, ideas that are skewed 
 thinking,,that what we do,
 in some way, is clever and new,
 sorry to say, this is just not true
 look around, there are quite a few
 everywhere and they’re doing it too
 and honestly sitting here, in my view
 doing it much better than me or you
 you see, there really are so very few
 blessed to do it for the revenue

doing it thinking bout getting paid
 to the pen and paper become a slave

All of life  is eaten up
 juggling words to a pleasing construct
 till relationships are outa luck 
 and family becomes unstuck
 then life has passed, and it sucks
 It’s gone as fast as “plucked”.. feathers 
 from a slaughtered duck!
 Ahh shucks……

Now what the fuck, were you thinking,
 wasted life on poems and singing
 thought you were driven
 money was tight, never made a living,
 hoped your “talent “ would be ohh so much more giving

But no, 
 oh so short on sight,
 never made a life
 Taken for granted, a fed up wife
 didn’t take long to realize “her” strife
 started with bickering,, 
 then full blown fights….
 She asked you to get a job, 
 you took it as spite 
 what dyou think I do all day?? 
 This is My job …..”I write”

 but thats not really true….
 writing all day?, yeah sure you do…
 still not been paid though have you!!
 so much time just sat on the loo
 typing on your phone just to construe 
 a verse about a lost love you once knew
 You ignored the wife, the love that’s true
 till finally……..

she left you

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original autor. All rights reserved.

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