Losing Tears

Losing Tears

By Richard Homer

Ohh mate,
 you’ve got me losing tears, emotions run high, as I recall the years..
 Times gone by, 
 when we were kids, thought we could fly, everyday was a party, an adventure to try
 Memories…. I still wanna cry
 Life moved on, we all settled and grew, 
 for some life worked, time flew..
 But for some of us, choices proved tragic, relationships, marriage’s lost the magic, 
 Hard choices, 
 angry voices, 
 kids estranged, 
 fathers pain, 
 such a shame….
 Looking for “the one” became the goal,
 To find someone with a matching soul,
 But how to find a soul so caring,
 Fun, beautiful, daring, and sharing
 A soul of magic, one so full of charisma
 An impossible match, 
 she just wasn’t here for ya
 I like to think, now where you are, 
 you’ll find your soulmate among the stars
 Find peace, and love, 
 all of your people will send
 Goodby for now, it’s not the end
 We’ll think of you, 
 and miss you,
 till the next life my friend x

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