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I Am

By Rebel Jones

Adore me now,
 In my darkest hour,
 Come help connect me to myself,
 I seem to be incomplete in so many places.
A stitched-up mess,
 A bundle of chaos,
 Manifested from the mad mind
 This crazed creator,
 Creating his creations 
 all different yet alike,
One part of me says don’t bother me ,
 You’ll only break my glass of unending space,
 I’m forgetting everything I’ve ever been,
 All the past decisions and choices I’ve ever made.
I am like the wind if I could fly,
 I have felt the brush of the wings of the haunting shadows
 that pass as silhouettes across the moonlight.
The stars are brightest in the darkest of nights,
 The breeze is free from all the trees and
 “I the voice of that which you talk in prayer
  commands the holy winds where the sky is pure”
“Of the night sky, all the worlds of light and dark
 exists within me as does it you who believe.
  I the mighty one whom watches from
 amongst the stars and planets and all their moons
 through a tear in the atmosphere
 as the Heavens seep a peek inside…”
Oh, as the deserts become enflamed with fire
 And the blackest moon
 Shall be it’s darkest sharpest shade that envelopes the world.
The stars shine ever so bright but
 never bright enough to drive away the inevitable dark
 or the screech owls of night
 that take womanly forms to seduce
 men in dreams to leave them in puddles of
 unborn children 
 never ever to be seen.
Perhaps a day shall come
 where I shall reach a point where
 I am no longer anything, so that I am the nothing that I am,
 A never-ending dream, an energy, a soul…
A wisp of my dream,
 As my creator speaks to me
 "I’ll show you how it feels
 to be back amongst the ethereals
 where someday we shall all return
 fore amongst the stars are where we belong."
"Let me remind you of the dead of the dead
 That walk in the night, amongst the smell of rot
 And sorrow below cold grey clouds."
It seems like I had lived it all before,
 Yet still with every breath I am afraid,
 But with you my creator, my original father,
 My morning sun that shines away the illusion
 that the past still exists.
The deepest colors of 
 every sunrise and sunset
 Shows me promise 
 that I will thrive and overcome.
My creator whom held me
 with your loving embrace 
 ever so tight
 Your power is my strength and
 this is what you show me
 when I take the time to know myself
 and read my spirits pages
 of a story still being wrote.
My creator, Oh my father unseen yet
 seen everywhere let us soar as greatness
 beneath your wings of divinity
 as they spread far and wide
 touching those whom passed, 
 returned, and passed again.
My thoughts are like the stars falling through the sky,
 and embracing whom and what exactly that I am
 bringing me to a place of everlasting light and never-ending life,
 For I am I as are each and every one of us.

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original autor. All rights reserved.


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