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Awakening Thoughts

By Rebel Jones

As I lie awake here 
 in a state of pain and 
 Sweating profusely from an overthinking anxiety ridden brain, 
 a loud thought within begins saying "The greats never die 
 they just become what they love 
 the most
 as they are soaked 
 into whatever 
 their passions had been."
This internal voice that speaks
 to me continues…
"The poet becomes a poem that 
 lasts for eternity in words 
 never again placed in such 
 a beautifully perfect way, 
 The musician becomes a song 
 only heard upon the celestial realms, 
 oh so heavenly. 
 The painter becomes a sight of perfection,
 A Divine paint splattered creation 
 of beauty spread across a star clustered universe."
As my minds eye drifts amidst 
 a new plane of thought, 
 it's different here, 
 like a Birdseye view of the 
 entire world we live, 
 it's a humbling thought that 
 puts me back in my place 
 as a small minute piece of this happening called life, 
 suddenly this pain I feel 
 does not seem that great.
These awakening thoughts 
 that bleed wisdom 
 upon my loose-leaf 
 will travel through time and space
 as they are remembered not 
 from a single poem written 
 or thought by a 
 singular human being 
 but as words that have purpose 
 to bring about 
 some sort of needed change 
 in this human experience, 
 or experiment 
 it's hard say these days.
It feels as if we're tested daily 
 in a game of maybe,
 Maybe some will starve this day, 
 but worry not some will eat.
 Maybe some will freeze this night
 but worry not within your warmth as you sleep.
A child cries for its mother who's dampened in red out in the cold heartless street as she 
 bleeds and she bleeds until her heart no longer beats,
 So maybe that crying child puts on the same shoes from mothers feet or maybe  that child will defy statistics and not accept such defeat.
and yet another 
 random thought drifts on by, 
 but stops briefly to conversate,
 asking me "Have you ever?"
 Have I ever what?
 and then the thought just 
 disappeared into the dark.

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.


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