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Are Our Words Adequate

By Martin Forster

Where are the words 
 they are there
 beautiful words
 metaphors of description 
 in every language 
 ancient and modern 
 guttural sounds never yet written down
 I would like to describe hidden away tribes
 stars so distant, never yet seen
 like painting the Mona Lisa
 with a cave dwellers earliest work of art
 if Shakespeare had only one sonnet, one play
 or a single operatic note
We then would all stand, look and listen in awe
 into infinity our minds will then stretch
 an unbreakable piece of steel
 a point so sharp
 no armour impenetrable 
 fields clothed in abundance
 a garland from the hand of God
 we mortals strive to create
 occasionally almost touching the sky
 a mist washes our humble skin
 no more imagined words can I write
 to quantify the beauty of the universe 
 both known and unknown?.

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