Last Line Lee Todd Lacks Member Write Showcase

One Of The Girls

By Lee Todd Lacks

Stacy woke up soaking wet
as she peered out the window
towards her best friend Bridget's house
swooning as she recalled
Bridget’s momma saying,
"You're like family, sweetheart."
to hear Bridget and her sisters talk
she couldn’t help but feel ashamed
for never having felt the sting of the hairbrush
as she lay, squirming and squealing, over her momma's lap
for each and every childhood misdeed
Bridget’s momma knew she was very much in need
whenever Stacy went over to the Thompsons for a visit
she never understood why Bridget's sisters couldn’t sit

The only child her parents couldn’t be bothered with
as they hosted their lavish banquets and cocktail parties
in an effort to ingratiate themselves with a more privileged class of people
never knowing that their little girl was living in a disaffected haze
until she had the good fortune to meet the kind and cheerful girl
who lived at the end of the street
in a ramshackle house with lots of hugging and kissing
and all the heartfelt emotions she had been missing
getting in trouble with Bridget and her sisters
taught her lessons she never learned at home
Bridget’s momma never wasted time sending her naughty daughters' to their rooms. She preferred to get to the bottom of their issue, right there and then
when she told one or more of them to go and fetch the brush
so she could make their prepubescent bottoms blush
while all of the other girls watched and listened
after bearing witness to so many well-tended rear ends
Stacy began to crave
that painful sort of attention
that mothers give to the daughters they adore
Bridget knew it was time
for her bottom to be sore
so she could join the sisterhood
Mrs. Thompson didn't have to ask
why Stacy wasn’t being good
the day she took the girl to task
she simply understood,

“Hike your skirt up in the air
and shimmy down your underwear.
Now, lay face down upon the bed
so I can make your bottom red!”

Stacy wept for joy, though she couldn’t explain why
as Bridget and her sisters solemnly stood by
while Bridget’s momma gave her another reason to cry.
and when she finally got through spanking Stacy’s bottom red,
Mrs. Thompson held her tight
as Bridget's sisters said,
“It’s gonna be alright.”
Stacy shook and sobbed, but she was past the point of caring
what she was or wasn’t wearing, with her rear end brightly glowing
she beamed from the pain of knowing
she was one of the girls.

Years later, Stacy confided to her best friend,
"I might have been willing to bear your mother's harsh affliction, but you, my dearest Bridget, you were my addiction."

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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